Sophie Turner: (on how her and co-stars from Game of Thrones get along)

We spent so much time together, you might expect us to get bored of each other or get a bit cranky but we never do. We have such a fun time.

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“I would love to have scenes with Kit again. I really would. I think there was a lot left unsaid between those two brothers, and I would love for them to meet again. I just don’t see how it’s possible. We’re so far apart! Maybe we can do a spinoff series of Jon Snow and Robb Stark? I wonder if people would like that? “The Adventures of Jon Snow and Robb Stark”? Yeah, that would be cool. Or, what about “Beyond the Wall”? Yeah, that would be good too.”

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Yes, Kit Harington is wearing a Richard Madden shirt. I love this cast.